SkateDC Weekend Schedule

Meeting point will be at Freedom Plaza. We will NOT be meeting at the White House.

Skates will depart from the meeting point within 15 minutes.

If necessary weather changes and announcements will be posted on the Facebook Event and Meetup Event.

Friday, October 9

Friday Night Skate: Monument Loop

• 7:00 pm Skate Meets at Freedom Plaza.

Level: 12-mile intermediate skate, with early bailout options.

Bring your lights and see the monuments of DC all lit up at night! We'll warm up with a nice easy skate to the Capitol and skate along the mall and museums to the National Monument. We will then head to the Lincoln Memorial through the World War II Memorial. This is a perfect steady 5.5 mile skate for beginners. Those wanting a bit more distance will proceed on to Hains Point with the option to take the 3-mile loop (12 mile total skate) or sit by the water and enjoy the crisp air (8.5 mile total skate). The skate is mostly flat on good pavement with a small slope coming down from the Washington Monument and a 40 yard small slop from the Lincoln to Ohio Drive. Please feel free to jazz up with lights. Our leader wears a helmet bike light, a fun set of lights and lighted wheels for fun! Wear so lights so you can see and be seen!

Led by: Sharyn

Saturday, October 10

Anacostia Loop, with DC-ICE

• 11:00 am Skate Meets at Freedom Plaza.

Level: 12-mile intermediate skate.

After we leave Freedom Plaza, our first stop is at the Capitol. Then we will travel down East Capitol Street to a skate park near RFK stadium. After visiting the park we will travel to the Anacostia Skate Pavilion. We will pass the Nationals Stadium on our way back to Freedom Plaza. DC-ICE will either skate with us from the start, or will meet us at the pavilion.

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Led by: Chris

Saturday, October 10

Quad Rollout with CIB

• 4:00 pm Skate Meets at Freedom Plaza.

Level: 6-mile beginner skate.

The perfect DC skate route designed for our many Quad skaters! Skate downtown DC and snap a photo at an iconic spot along the way, visit a skate park and take a mini-lesson, end up at DC City Center (or continue back to Freedom Plaza, a few minutes away). Not too many hills, and mostly good pavement.

Highlights will include: Navy Memorial, Union Station, Chinatown Gate, Blagden Alley, Shaw Skatepark, Logan Circle, Skating through the 16th Street Tunnel, BLM Plaza, the White House, and DC City Center!

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Led by: David

SUNDAY, October 11

College Park Route

• 11:00 am Skate Meets at Freedom Plaza.

Level: 25+ mile intermediate/advanced skate, with early bailout points via Metro.

We will be venturing to College Park just outside of DC. A city to trail skate. Along the way, we will pass some scenic places like the Melrose skate park, Lake Artemisia, and more. The route will include multiple bailout points via Metro (bring shoes if you might partake), as well as a halfway point lunch break. The return trip includes two routes, one continuing the urban route and the other making our way back via the trails.

Skaters should bring shoes for the Metro. We will have a sag wagon providing bottled and light refreshments at certain points during the skate. We'll arrive at College Park at about 12:45 PM, take a one-hour lunch break, and return to Freedom Plaza by about 3:30 PM.

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Led by: Anthony

MONDAY, October 12

Anacostia Trail with DC-ICE

• 11:00 am Skate Meets at Freedom Plaza.

Level: 12-mile intermediate skate

Anacostia Trail using Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Street bridges. Includes Anacostia Skate Pavilion, where we'll skate with DC-ICE.

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Led by: Jonathan

Ditching a scheduled skating event? Weather issues? Stop by our many monuments and museums that are FREE to visit!

For reference, last year's schedule and routes are at the link here.