Skating with WAR

The Basics

SAFETY comes first. Know your limits. Wear proper gear (helmets are mandatory, wristguards, elbow and knee pads, skates that fit).

Skate at your own risk!

No matter what happens, you are personally responsible for everything that you do during a skate. Accidents do happen, and the club highly recommends that you only skate with us if you have your own health insurance. The club is a low-key group of people who skate together and cannot assume liability of any type.

What Level Are the Skates?

All levels!  From novice to advanced. See below for some ideas. If you are unsure whether your skills are sufficient, please speak to the skate leader.

Skates will have a leader who will endeavor not to leave anyone behind. If you feel that you cannot complete a skate, let the leader or sweep know, and ask if you need directions to a metro or bus station.

Bring water or sports drink, energy bars/food, safety equipment, personal identification and emergency money.

Street skates are free... does not include: equipment, travel, insurance, beer, parking tickets, or skin grafting.

Skill Levels


If you have new skates in an unopened box, you will need a bit of practice before coming on a city skate. We encourage skaters who would like to work on these skills to attend our free clinic.


Entry-Level Street Skating

Street Skating requires more skill than trail or parking lot skating. While balance and steering techniques are essentially the same, skating in city streets and in potentially dangerous environments requires a higher competency. Like driving, you must constantly search for hazards and obstacles and be prepared to react by turning, avoiding, and stopping.

Required Skills:

Intermediate Street Skating

Group skates take place on the streets and trails in and around DC, which can be quite hilly.

Required Skills: (in addition to the ones noted previously)

Advanced URBAN DC Skating:

Even hot-shot speed skaters should take note that skating an advanced route in DC requires certain technical skills:

Required Skills: (in addition to the ones noted above)

Where we meet: