Short routes planned specifically for outdoor roller skating and beginning inline skaters. Supportive learning environment with peer support, a relaxed pace, consistent elevations, and avoidance of bad pavement. Ideal for those skating streets for the first time and those who are coming out to skate with a group for the first time.  Themes showcasing our city's cultural highlights.

The annual pattern is as follows:

(Look for an upcoming event's scheduled date on Facebook and Meetup as the event approaches)


Roll into THE NEW YEAR+ warm drinks

Skate into the new year with fresh air, a decent workout, supportive companions, and a ☕️🫖 hot beverage near the end!

We'll make a stop at Ebenezers café for hot drinks. Not too many hills, and mostly good pavement, 6 miles total.

Here is the route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7551473 

Cold temps are likely. Dress in layers!

Quad Roll: Teahouse & Sakura Skate


Quad Rollout for Spring! We will start at Freedom Plaza, help each other street skate, roll through the Moongate Garden, take in the vista at L'Enfant, and then to Hains Point through 4 miles of blooming 桜 cherry blossoms. Then the skate ends at a tea house: Teaism! Dress in theme: blossoms or pink.

Route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=7570647 

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Quad Rollout for SkateDC Weekend


Skate downtown DC, including iconic art in Blagden Alley, Chinatown's friendship gate, BLM plaza, and the White House. Snap a photo at an iconic spot, and learn some new moves at the newly-rebuilt Shaw skate park. No dangerous hills, and more good pavement than bad. We'll end the route at a fun bar and restaurant in Dupont Circle.

Highlights will include: Navy Memorial, Union Station, Chinatown Gate, Blagden Alley, Shaw Skatepark, Logan Circle, Skating through the 16th Street Tunnel, BLM Plaza, the White House, and DC City Center!

The route: https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7618034 

Pride and Unity DC Quad Roll OUT


DC's Mega Quad Rollout for Summer! For 🌈Pride Month and Juneteenth we will also be expressing ✊🏿 unity as we roll through the streets together.

This DC skate route is designed for Quad and beginner inline skaters! Not too many hills, and more good pavement than bad, 5-6 miles total. We will visit BLM plaza, the LOVE mural in Blagden Alley, Carter Godwin Woodson Memorial, Banneker skate spot, the African American Civil War Memorial, juice & snacks at a black-owned business (Eat Well Juice Bar), Skate the U Street Historic District, and ending at Botanical Bar.

Route: https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7709596 

Dress to Express Yourself! Pride🌈 & Unity ✊🏿 gear encouraged

Disco & Moonlight Quad Roll Out


Join us for the End of Summer Quad Rollout, scheduled for Saturday night in order to beat the heat and enjoy the Summer Moonlight.

We will meet at the labyrinth at Georgetown Waterfront. We'll skate to Kennedy Center, through The Reach, through GW University to the White House, BLM Plaza, then back to Georgetown ending at Sandlot for drinks and snacks. Route: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=7610042 

Dress Code: Wear Lights, light up wheels and/or dress with a Disco theme, bring music and a bluetooth playlist! Or come as you are... no bouncers.

Our skate pays tribute to the legacy of Bill English, and will be illuminated by the disco ball he used to lead skates with.