2021 WAR Board of Directors

President - Jon Deason

Vice President - Chris Myers

Secretary/Treasurer - Trish Pierre

Event Planning & Coordination Committee - Mo Harrington

Head Skate Leaders
Tuesday&Thursday - Gary Henson
Friday - Sharyn Saunders
Sunday - Chris Myers

Training Committee - Danny Donoghue & Andrew Barabasz

National Skate Patrol Committee - Malik Lloyd & Andrew Barabasz

Internet Committee - David Churchill

Social Media Committee - Tim Gafurov

International Committee - George Marinkovich

Past Presidents - Jackeline Soto, Carl Ford, Susan Burgerman

Skate Leaders

Your Name Here - We are seeking more leaders. Contact the head skate leader.

Why should you be a skate leader?

  1. The skate leaders are the glue that keeps the club together. Although it is not impossible to have a street skate without a leader, there seems to be a higher level of enthusiasm when there is one.

  2. To be a leader, all you need is to be a current WAR skater preferably of intermediate ability or better.

  3. Leading a skate is the most direct way to have an influence on skates and mold them to your own liking. Like flat/hilly routes with short/long breaks? Want to scout a new place, public art displays, or pick something up?

  4. Many leaders like to scout their own routes (the hardest part of leading since it is time consuming), yet, it's not a requirement to be a leader. Some of the club "elders" will assist new leaders with the route-planning task.

  5. Please consider contributing to the club by leading an occasional skate. The more leaders we have, the more variety we would ultimately have in our excursions. Leaders are asked to lead just one skate per month.

Contact the head skate leaders for more information, training, or questions.