Free Lessons

Note: This information needs to be updated for 2020.

What better way to learn how to skate than WAR's free clinic? While not intended to be a full service skating school, volunteers including certified instructors teach basic and intermediate skills and useful stopping and skating techniques. Lessons are capped off by a short skate in the park where we review the "rules of the road" to prepare students for our Friday Night Skates.

Volunteer instructors are always in demand. Think about participating; we will train you.

When: Weather permitting (see weather policy) Saturdays (April through October). Please check the WAR calendar for the date you are interested in as times may vary. Arrive 15 minutes early to have time to put your skates on, stretch, and be ready.

Where: Meet at the first parking lot (picnic area #6) north of Military Road and Beach Drive.


First - DO NOT take Beach Drive from the North or Beach Drive/Rock Creek Parkway from the South. There are road closures on Saturday and you'll get taken miles out of your way.

From Silver Spring, come down 16th ST NW & turn right onto Joyce Rd. Then proceed to picnic area #6

From anywhere else, you want to get onto Military Rd and drop into Rock Creek Park from there. How you get to Military Road is up to you.

From the West, take the 2nd entrance into Rock Creek Park. DO NOT take the Nature Center entrance.

From the East, take the first entrance into Rock Creek Park.

Once in the park near military road, go north on beech dr to picnic area #6

Before you come out bring the following to the clinic:

  • Helmets...are mandatory (We may be able to provide if you don't have one)
  • Wristguards, elbow and knee pads (We may be able to provide)
  • Skates that fit. You won't have a good time if your feet hurt.
  • Read, print, and sign the Liability Waiver (below) and bring it with you.
  • Water or sport drinks especially on hot days; healthy snacks (Powerbars, bananas, nuts, cookies) if you get afternoon munchies.
  • An expectation that you will learn, have fun and meet our volunteer instructors!

Liability Waiver

At the Rock Creek Park Clinic, before you begin any skate clinic, You will be asked to sign the following statement and provide some information.

In consideration for your acceptance of skate instruction by the Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) or American Rollerskaters, Inc., I the Undersigned, intending to be legally bound to this release/waiver, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrator, and assigns, release and waive any and all rights and claims against WAR, WAR organizers, or other WAR members for any and all damages of personal property, personal injuries, or deaths which may occur during any skate instruction. I acknowledge that WAR recommends the wearing of all protective gear and, I recognizing that skating is an inherently dangerous sport and with my own safety in consideration, choose to wear the protective gear that I deem necessary. I also acknowledge that WAR recommends that I carry medical/liability insurance.

Signature ___________________________ Date ________________




Read, Print, and Fill this out and bring it with you to save time on Saturdays.

Contact Danny Donoghue for more information at: or (202) 617-7971