Weather Policy

Precipitation and Surface

  • WAR Skates are held if no precipitation is occurring and
  • the road surface is dry or drying.


In the event of extremely ️cold or hot 🌡️ temperatures, skate leaders may cancel a skate at their discretion. The guideline for extreme temperature at the start of the skate:

  • ❄️ below 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 🔥 above 98 degrees Fahrenheit

The same conditions apply to free skating lessons. If you are in doubt or just want updated information about an event, contact the event leader, check the Facebook event, Meetup Event, or ask on the email list.

Sunday Morning Skate Time

During most of the year we skate at 11:00 am but we skate at 10:00 am if there is a 🔥 heat advisory, or if the National Weather Service projects a high 🌡️ temperature for the day 85 degrees or over (which is most of the Summer).

Skate events are cancelled on snow days... try ice skating instead!