SkateDC Weekend Schedule

NOTE: This was the 2019 Schedule (for reference)

Meeting point will be at Freedom Plaza. We will NOT be meeting at the White House. Skates will depart from the meeting point within 15 minutes.

If necessary weather changes and announcements will be posted on the Facebook Event and Meetup Event. The Friday Dinner gathering is rain-or-shine.

For reference, the 2018 schedule and routes are at the link here.

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019

Friday Night Skate: From NW -> NE

• 7:00 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Advanced, 2 hours (13 Miles)

Skate through the alleys of DC - this time on the NE side intertwining Bill's East Capitol Route with a dab of Doug-Kelly Philly-style skating. The route is advanced and will include some rough alley pavement like brick, rocks, and debris. It may also include some fast-paced turning. Mostly flat with some minor up hills and slight downhills. There will be three bailout points where people can take the train back to DuPont Circle: 3 Miles in, 7 Miles in, 9 Miles in.

Skaters should be able to control speed while also be good with their coordination and balance over rough terrain. This route may be challenging for some! Click here for the route, including markers for regroup points and hazards.

Led by: Anthony

Dinner in Dupont Circle

• 9:00 pm Meets at Dupont Circle.

Skaters can roll or change to shoes, meet at the circle, then visit nearby restaurants: Bareburger, Pizzeria Paradiso, Beefsteak, &pizza + more

Disco Skate

• 11:00 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced, 1.5 hours (9 miles)

Join the mobile Disco Ball skating through some Washington, DC nightlife few popular nightlife spots in the city. We'll skate Dupont Circle to Adam's Morgan, U street NW, Chinatown, and The White House. Great for inline and roller skaters!

Led by: Malik

SATURDAY, May 25, 2019

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Train Skate

• 10:00 am Meet at Dupont Circle. WEARING SHOES!

• 11:00 am Skate Meets at Wiehle-Reston Station

Level: Beginner (6.5 miles), Intermediate (12 miles) OR Advanced (20 or 26 miles) 1-3 hours + Lunch Stop

We will ride the train out to the end of the Silver Line, the last stop Wiehle-Reston Station, and then we skate back along the scenic off-street trails: The W&OD, 4-Mile Run, and Mount Vernon trail. The route slopes gently downhill most of the way following a streambed. We will stop for a quick lunch in downtown Vienna, so please bring some lunch money!

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure distance: Metro bail-out options are available at 6 miles, (Vienna) 12 Miles, (East Falls Church) 20 miles, (National Airport) Or skate 26 miles all the way back to Dupont Circle. The full distance skaters arrive back about 3pm.

Click here for the route.

Led by: David

Saturday Evening Skate

• 5:30 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Intermediate, 1.5 hours (10 miles)

An easy and fun 10 mile skate with an elevation gain of 258 ft. Starting and ending at DuPont Circle and passing by the LeDroit Park, The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Columbia Heights, and Adams Morgan. Click here for the route.

Led by: Ivana

SUNDAY, May 26, 2019

Bill English Memorial Skate & Ceremony at Bench in Takoma Park

• 9:00 am Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Intermediate, 2 hours (9 miles) or Advanced, 3 hours (16 miles)

Let's remember one of our great skate leaders and the inventor of the Disco Cart. We'll skate to Takoma Park, via one of Bill's favorite routes, for a ceremony at Bill's memorial bench. The route includes a nice, car-free stretch of Sligo Creek Parkway and a quick stop by the Takoma Park Farmers' Market. You’ll see why Bill loved this route full of hills, alleys, and traffic, on pavement that ranges from challenging to nearly perfect. The variety makes this a true streetskater’s skate. The Farmers’ Market detour is also very Bill. Don’t just skate, but also stop to enjoy the fruits (in this case literal) of your travels.

  • Non-skaters may meet us for the ceremony at the little park at the intersection of Houston Avenue, Kennebec Avenue, and Sligo Creek Parkway.

After the ceremony, we can detour by the Takoma Park Metro station for those who don't want to skate back to Dupont Circle. If you're taking the metro, please bring shoes and money for the fare.

We’ve arranged a 1 PM late checkout for all of the Palomar guests who reserved rooms under our group block. Timing may still be tight for the full-distance group. We expect to return to the hotel between 12:00 and 12:30. So be otherwise packed up and ready to quickly shower and check out upon return.

Led by: Maureen

Rolling Thunder Skate

• 12:15 pm, departure at 12:30 pm or as soon as the morning skate returns

Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Intermediate, 2 hours (13-14.5 miles)

After a quick farewell to friends who are leaving today, we will head to Rolling Thunder, to watch hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists on their dedicated, closed-off route through the city. In past years, we’ve been able to get on the official Rolling Thunder parade route and skate ahead of the bikers to much cheering of the crowds. If we can do that again this year, we’ll follow Rolling Thunder Route #1 and then head back to Dupont Circle through Virginia to avoid some of the crowds (14.5 miles), click here for the route map

If we can’t do that (due to police restrictions or being late from the Takoma Park Skate), we’ll follow Rolling Thunder Route #2 (13 miles)

Led by: Jon

MONDAY, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day Quad Rollout with Chicks in Bowls!

• 10:00 am Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

• 10:30 am Skate Meets at City Center DC.

Level: Beginner (6 miles)

We'll be starting from Dupont Circle and then skating to City Center DC to meet up with "Chicks in Bowls". We usually hit some iconic skate spots including Freedom Plaza, the White House, and Pennsylvania Ave down to the Capitol. Click here for more details and to RSVP.

  • We’ll lead a return skate to the hotel by noon, for guests who must check out by 1 PM.

Led by: Jesse

Ditching a scheduled skating event? Weather issues? Stop by our many monuments and museums that are FREE to visit!

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