Announcing New Site

The Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) have a new website and new skate list. In fact, you're looking at the new website. This announcement concerns the new skate list.

The old skate list and the old website no longer exist. You will no longer receive any emails from the old skate list, for the very good reason that it no longer exist. We do, however, have a new skate list called "Discussion Forum".

The new skate list replaces the old skate list. To receive emails from the new skate list you must subscribe to the new skate list. This won't happen automatically, you must take the steps outlined in this note to subscribe yourself to the new skate list.

To subscribe to the new skate list you can click on the "Discussion Forum" link found in the upper left corner of the homepage. Then click on "subscribe to our discussion list" and follow any instructions given. You can expect to receive the same sort of emails from the new skate list as you have received from the old skate list.

Finally, a reminder that May 31-June 2, 2013 is SkateDC Weekend, the biggest skating weekend in DC of the year. There will be five exciting skates over the three days of the weekend. Come out and skate with us! The full schedule of skates and other events happening during this weekend will come up soon.

All of our skates start at the White House. (There will be a group up a half hour before the start of each skate at the Beacon Hotel, which is the event hotel for SkateDC Weekend. Skaters grouping up at the hotel will be led from the hotel to the White House for the start of the skate.) If you are at the White House, ready to skate, at the start times indicated on the schedule the skate won't leave without you. We are going to make a sincere effort to start the skates when they are scheduled to start. Please plan accordingly.

Happy skating,

George Marinkovich

Washington Area Roadskaters