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Beginner Skate @ Hains Point

Maneuverability and control at all times is very important as the skate travels on roadways which contain hazards, such as cars, bad pavement, pedestrians and other skaters. The ability to stop or avoid obstacles is critical to the ability to skate on public streets.

Beginner Skate at Hains Point

When: Saturday
Beginner Skate at Hains Point
An event ideal for a social skate

Where: Hains Point
Skate, Socialize, enjoy the river views and the company of others. East Potomac Park offers several miles of smooth, flat space with minimal traffic and optimal skating opportunities.  Skate 4,8, or 12 miles or relax at the club house.

Parking is free or take metro to the Smithsonian Station and walk towards the Jefferson Memorial.  (The route can be skated but there is a steep downhill!)

More details coming soon.

Friday Night Skate

When: Fridays 7PM * during Daylight Savings Time (basically April through October)
Arrive on time for a chance to socialize and hear pre-skate announcements.
Weather permitting
WhereWhite House 

It's a intermediate level street skate of 9-12 miles, which finishes around 9 p.m. This skate keeps a leisurely pace on moderate hills and generally flat terrain through light traffic. Often skaters have food or drinks afterwards.

What to Expect
Fun is what you can expect from the Friday Night Skate. If you are an intermediate street skater you can make friends and enjoy a supportive environment as you start to get comfortable with this enjoyable activity. To accommodate as many levels as possible, there are many regroup points so that slower skaters can keep up, and faster skaters have a long time to take breaks and talk, or skate extra.

What skill level is this skate?
Not all beginners will be ready for this skate! Although it is mostly flat, there is a downhill right at the start in the bike path on 15th St.  You must be able to maintain a controlled speed on a down a hill and be able to stop at a red light!  You should have mastered at least two kinds of braking (e.g., heel braking, T-stopping, power slides, snowplowing, etc.) and be able to brake on an incline of at least 5-degrees.  We encourage skaters who would like to work on these skills to attend our free lessons in Rock Creek Park.

Street skating requires more skill than trail skating or roller derby!  While balance and steering techniques are essentially the same, skating in city streets and in potentially dangerous environments requires a higher competency. Like driving, you must be constantly searching for hazards and obstacles and be prepared to react by turning, stopping and avoiding.

The Pace
While some choose to skate fast, the pace is relaxed with frequent breaks give it a leisurely feel.  Frequent regrouping and stops keep the group together and can accommodate most intermediate skaters. It is a social event so spend some time meeting and making friends at each stopping point.

Saturday Skate Clinics (* only during Daylight Savings Time)

Sunday Intermediate Skate
When: Sunday Morning at 9 am during the summer skate season, at 11 am the rest of the year.  Please see the Calendar link to confirm which starting time is in effect for the skate you wish to do. Get there early to make sure you don't miss us!
Weather permitting
WhereWhite House
It is an intermediate level street skate of about 10-12 miles which finishes around 1pm. This skate maintains pace designed to be a workout for an average street skater.

What skill level is this skate?
The terrain includes some moderate hills such as Capitol Hill and may include high-traffic areas such as Georgetown. There are several stops to regroup and before tricky turns. If you can keep up with our Friday Night Skate, you can probably keep up with this skate. Difficulty can vary widely depending on the route chosen by the leader.

Sunday Advance Skate

When: Sunday Morning at 11:00am, year-round. Leaves the White House at 11:15am. Arrive early to socialize and hear pre-skate announcements.
Weather permitting.
Where: White House

This is an advanced, fast, long-distance, skate of 15-20+ miles, which usually takes 3 hours. It is for skaters who enjoy a fast pace, big hills, and can navigate on hills and in traffic.
Hard work is what you can expect from the Sunday Advanced skate. If you are an advanced skater and want to stay in shape with friends, this one is for you. Bring water (especially on hot days) and snacks depending on you and the weather.  You know who you are.

What skill level is this skate?

This skate is a workout! If you are not in shape, you will quickly get in shape going up and down long hills. This skate is typically small, with less organization and few rest stops. If after a Friday Night Skate you still have energy, this skate is for you.
The pace is brisk, stops are made for regrouping, with little time for chit-chat. Turns and routes will not generally be marked, so either stay close to the skate leader or pay attention to the route. Skaters should be comfortable striding, maneuvering, and stopping at high speeds on city streets.

If you are not sure of your ability to do this skate bring money and footwear for the Metro. If you can't keep up with the skate, or want to stop skating before the end of the route, please do not feel shy about taking a short cut after telling the skate leader.

Wednesday Night Advanced Skate
When: Every Wednesday night, year-round leaving at 7pm. Get to the White House by 6:55 to be sure you don't miss it.
What is a Wed night advanced skate?
10-15 miles, around 2 hours with a wide variety of routes. It can be technically challenging and is perfect for the hard-core skater you know.  Routes may include fast pace, big hills (down and up),  traffic and periodic rest stops.  We often stop along the way at a convenience store, but if it is hot, it is a good idea to bring some water or Gatorade to the start.

Skill level
A skater should be able to maintain a moderately fast pace of 10-15 miles per hour and be able to maintain a safe speed on steep hills of around 30-degrees, some are especially fun with lead skaters reaching speeds of 30 mph or more.