This year’s Skate DC Weekend (May 5-7, 2017), led by Mo, was a blast. Despite iffy weather, we got in five fabulous skates. Thanks to Anthony, David, Jim, Jesse, Mo and Steve for leading and sweeping our skates. Also thanks to Anthony for designing the 2017 WAR T-shirt, Trish for ordering the shirts and making the hotel arrangements, Drew for manning the sag wagon, David for frequent updates to the event website, and to Teaism and &pizza for our group dinners.

Here is the remaining schedule and current status of our 2017 WAR Skate Season:

2017 Events

Major Skating Events

  • Inaugural Skate – (done)

  • Skate DC Weekend – (done) 

  • Skate of the Union – June 30- July 4 (Friday-Tuesday), organized by Krista and Nat

  • July 4th 40 Mile Skate – organized by Jesse

  • July 4th Fireworks/Disco Cart Skate – organized by Bill

  • Skate Annapolis Weekend – September 16-17, organized by Soren & Celine

  • Eastern Shore Skate – Saturday, October 21, rain date October 22, organized by Mo

  • Halloween Skate – October 31 – organized by Bill

  • Tuesday After Work Skates: 6:00 PM (Hains Point)
  • Wednesday Night Skates: 7:00 PM (White House)
  • Thursday After Work Skates: 6:00 PM (Hains Point)
  • Friday Night Skates: 7:00 PM (White House)
  • Saturday Beginner Skates: 1:00 PM (Hains Point)
  • Sunday Intermediate Skates: 9:00 AM from Memorial Day through Labor Day (White House); 11:00 AM from Labor Day through Memorial Day 2018 (White House)
  • Sunday Advanced Skates: 11:00 AM (White House)

All skates will depart 15 minutes after scheduled starting times (unless inclement weather)


2017 WAR Board of Directors

President - Jon Deason

Vice President - Bill English

Treasurer/Secretary – Trish Pierre

Head Skate Leader - Jesse Freeman

Event Planning and Coordination Committee - Mo Harrington

Internet Committee - David Churchill

Training & Skate Patrol Committee – Malik Lloyd

International Committee - George Marinkovich

At Large Members - Ira Payosova & Carla Gregor

Past Presidents – Jackeline Soto, Carl Ford & Susan Burgerman


The Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote safe and enjoyable in-line skating in the Washington, D.C. area. One of the oldest inline skate clubs on the east coast, WAR was founded in 1987 and has had thousands of men and women join its ranks.

WAR is also a social organization where many strong and lasting friendships are formed. Our members have very diverse career, social, and educational backgrounds. However, we all share a passion for in-line skating. If you are new to the area, are seeking a new form of exercise, or are simply looking to meet new and interesting people, we encourage you to try one of our group skates, meet us, and see D.C. in a whole new way.

We encourage everyone interested in Washington Area Roadskaters to check out our Meetup website at: and subscribe to our skate email list for  additional information about the skate club.

Also check out our video archive page

The Inaugural Sunday Skate happens in April to mark the beginning of DC's Skating season.  Winter is over, so put on your wheels! Also first brewery visit where we review T-shirt ideas and Skate DC weekend details.

Skate of the Union weekend offers recreational skating events, amateur and elite-level timed races, skate boarding, and participants are 
 to achieve their peak potential with the spirit of the Olympics. 

Halloween Skate means putting on a costume and rolling around to find the popular hot spots and be part of the fun.

The WAR Potluck and Annual Meeting is held towards the end of the year. Last year it was help at Jon Deason’s townhouse in Rosslyn, Virginia.  Dozens attended the party where the beer and wine was plentiful and the food was delicious.  WAR business includes electing the board and establishing the schedule for the next year.
Skate DC Weekend is especially fantastic. We normally have over 100 participants, many from out-of-town, pleasant weather and a fabulous time.  Skate routes vary from casual to advanced with technical hills, and often include stops for scenery and beer along the way.

Baltimore Skate Weekend showcases the unexpected gems that Baltimore has to offer, and a great time can be had affordably.  WAR sponsors it with help from local skaters.  Last Skate Baltimore Weekend's extravaganza was a huge success! 

The Eastern Shore Skate is held in the autumn. The last one was led by Mo and it turned out to be a terrific event, with perfect weather and 17 WAR members participating.  Many also add on DC skating events.