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Skate Baltimore Weekend

Come Skate DC!

Upcoming WAR events:

  • August 15-17: Baltimore Skate Weekend:
    Yes, we are going back to Baltimore

  • Check the Meetup Calendar for dates on:
    Disco cart skates - organized by Bill

    Brewery Skate - led by Carl

    Anacostia Skate/Kayaking - led by Chris

    Sail and Skate - led by Trish


Skate DC Weekend 2014 was terrific! We had well over 100 participants, many from out-of-town, perfect weather and a fabulous time. Thanks to Skate Director and Skate Leader Carl Ford, Additional Skate Leaders Bill English, David Churchill and Chris Myers, Sweeps Jesse Freeman and Steve Bishop, Trish Pierre (hotel arrangements and T-shirts), Mo Harrington (Teaism arrangements) and all other volunteers for a fantastic Skate DC Weekend 2014!
2013-2014 WAR Board of Directors
President - Jonathan Deason
Vice President - Bill English
Secretary/Treasurer - Trish Pierre
Head Skate Leader - Jesse Freeman
Event Planning & Coordination Committee - Maureen Cohen Harrington
Internet Committee - David Churchill
Training & Skate Patrol Committee - Danny Donoghue
International Committee - George Marinkovich
At Large Member - Ira Payosova
At Large Member - Carla Gregor
Past President - Jackeline Soto
Past President - Carl Ford
Past President - Susan Burgerman