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Skate DC Weekend

Come Skate DC!

2013-2014 WAR Board of Directors
President - Jonathan Deason
Vice President - Bill English
Secretary/Treasurer - Trish Pierre
Head Skate Leader - Jesse Freeman
Event Planning & Coordination Committee - Maureen Cohen Harrington
Internet Committee - David Churchill
Training & Skate Patrol Committee - Danny Donoghue
International Committee - George Marinkovich
At Large Member - Ira Payosova
At Large Member - Carla Gregor
Past President - Jackeline Soto
Past President - Carl Ford
Past President - Susan Burgerman


Skate DC Weekend, May 2-4, 2014!!!

Our annual Skate DC Weekend is coming up fast.  If you need any information, visit http://www.skatedc.org/calendar/skate-dc-weekend, where Carl has posted all the details you need to know!