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SkateDC Weekend Has Arrived!

Once again SkateDC Weekend has arrived! The schedule has been updated with route descriptions, including maps for most skates. 

The current forecast shows hot, humid weather which brings possible thunderstorms on Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings.  But storm % is less than 50% each day.  Clouds may not form, or storms could go around us.  We'll keep watching the weather and adapt as needed.  Check the Facebook Event and Meetup Event for weather updates.

Fortunately, most of our skating will be in or very near the city, giving us plenty of options for starting late, ending early, or finding a restaurant/bar in which to wait out the weather mid-route. Our Friday Teaism dinner and Saturday &pizza party are rain-or-shine.  Which we can attend without wheels if needed.

Look forward to seeing you -- and skating with you -- this weekend!