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SkateDC Weekend Has Arrived!

It's almost time for SkateDC Weekend! The schedule has full route descriptions, including maps. 

Current forecast includes rain for our Friday afternoon skate, though streets should dry in time for the evening skate and late night skate, and 30% chance of rain for Saturday morning. But the storm could move -- or disappear. We'll keep watching the weather and will adapt as needed.  Check the Facebook Event and Meetup Event for weather updates.

Fortunately, most of our skating will be in or very near the city, giving us plenty of options for starting late, ending early, or finding a restaurant/bar in which to wait out the weather mid-route. Our Teaism dinner and &pizza party and Funk Parade are rain-or-shine.  Which we can attend without wheels, if needed.

And some great news for our Sunday skate! The Palomar has granted 1 PM checkout for all of the guests who reserved under our block. We'll also have a sag wagon with water and bananas for that skate. So more people should be able to opt for the full route, instead of the early return. Those new details for Sunday will be on the website soon.

Look forward to seeing you -- and skating with you -- this weekend!