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SkateDC Weekend Schedule

NOTE: Meeting point will be at Dupont Circle which is one block from the hotel.  We will NOT be meeting at the White House. Skates will depart from the meeting point within 15 minutes.

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017

Friday DC Waterfront Skate

• 2:30 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.
Level: Intermediate, 2 hours (12 Miles)

The route will take us from Dupont Circle to the White House, the west front of the Capitol, past the Botanical Garden, to the DC side of the Anacostia River Park, around Nats Stadium, to the Titanic Memorial, to the east font of the Capitol, through Lower Senate Park and the Japanese American Memorial Park, and up Pennsylvania Avenue back to the White House and Dupont Circle.

Led by: Jon

Friday Night Skate "The Kessel Run"

• 7:00 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Advanced, 2 hours (10 Miles)

A new route!  "The Kessel Run" starts you off in hip urban neighborhoods, visiting Adams Morgan, skating up to Columbia Heights, down through U street, Underneath Dupont Circle in the tunnel, and then over to our Georgetown Waterfront.  From there we take the scenic route to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, 12th Street Tunnel, and ending at the skater-owned Teaism RestaurantClick here for the route map.  

Led by: Anthony

  • 9:00 pm stop at Teaism (Penn Quarter). Food and beverages for an extended break. 10% discount if you're a skater! And beer specials at the downstairs bar.  
    Afterwards, join the disco cart skate or
     regroup to skate back to the hotel. 

Disco Cart Skate

• 11:00 pm Skate Leaves Teaism (Penn Quarter)
Level: Beginner, 1.5 hours (5 miles)

We will go skating through some Washington, DC nightlife neighborhoods to interact with happy people and show them our Disco Cart. Perfect for inline and roller skatersThis will get some of them dancing and maybe we will find willing passengers for the cart. Route will also take us from the restaurant to the Skate DC Weekend event hotel and then back to the White House so local skaters will be able to figure out where they left their cars. Along the way we will visit the Shaw skate park.  Click here for the route map.

Led by: David and Jim

SATURDAY, May 6, 2017

House of Cards Skate

• 10:00 am Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Advanced, 3 hours (20 miles)

If you watch House of Cards, you probably know the opening. We're going to skate it, and so are you! We won't get too far from our starting point, but you'll see the many parts of town depicted. Click here to watch

Led by: Jim
  • 11:00 am the Intermediate skate option shaves fives miles, for a total of 14.5 miles, and avoids the steepest hills. And you'll only miss the location of the scenes looking at DC from across the Potomac. We will meet the intermediate group in front of the WWII Memorial on the Mall, between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. We should arrive between 11:00 and 11:15. Be ready to head out as soon as the Advanced group arrives.
Both the Advanced and Intermediate skates will join up and finish the route together. We plan to be back at Dupont Circle in time for a quick lunch break before the Skate to the Funk Parade.  Click here for the route map, or download the complete guidebook

Skate to Funk Parade

• 2:30 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.
Level: Beginner, 2 hours (5 miles)
The DC Funk Parade and music festival celebrates the unique culture of Washington DC.   Perfect for inline and roller skaters We’ll skate from Dupont Circle to The Howard Theater where we will join Free State Roller Derby to skate in (and watch) the parade.  
Led by: David 

• 4:30 pm we’ll skate from Bens Chili Bowl on U Street back to Dupont Circle. 
Level: Beginner, 2 hours (5 miles)

Saturday Beer &pizza Skate

• 5:30 pm Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.
Level: Advanced, 2 hours (10 miles)
We’ll skate through hip Logan Circle, see the DC City Museum, skate along the Met-Branch trail and into the industrial section of DC where we will skate down hills and drink beer at the Atlas Brew Works tasting room.  Bring a Photo ID and a few dollars to make sure you can get in and get a beer.  Click here for the route map.
Led by: David 

• 7:00 pm we’ll skate from Atlas Brew Works to our &pizza Party in China Town (705 H St NW).   
Level: Beginner, 45 mins (4 miles)

Saturday &pizza Party
• 8:00 pm at &pizza in China Town (705 H St NW).  
Skaters will order food at the counter, then convene in a reserved backbar on the second floor.

SUNDAY, May 7, 2017

Takoma Park Skate

• 9:00 am Skate Meets at Dupont Circle.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced, 2 or 3 hours (up to 17 miles), with option for early return

We'll head to Takoma Park and back -- a SkateDC Weekend first! The route will include a nice, car-free stretch of Sligo Creek Parkway and a quick stop by the Takoma Park Farmers' Market.   For visitors checking out on Sunday, we suggest doing so before the skate so that you can enjoy the whole route.
Led by: Maureen

  • A Two-hour Intermediate skate option will get you back to the hotel in time to shower and check out.  But you'll miss the great farmers market stop!
    Led by: Jon

Ditching a scheduled skating event? Weather issues? Stop by our our many monuments and museums that are FREE to visit!