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SkateDC Weekend

Skaters from all over the world converge on Washington DC, where we will spend the weekend skating, visiting cool and important places plus, of course, partying.

Friday, May 25 - Monday, May 28, 2018
Save the date for 2018:

WAR has moved SkateDC Weekend to May 25 - 28, with a bonus day for Memorial Day weekend. There were problems with hotel availability on our original dates, May 5 - 7, due to a big convention in town. 

Save the date and look for more info soon!

Friday, May 5 - Sunday, May 7, 2017
SkateDC Weekend 2017 Director: Maureen Harrington

Report: Skate DC Weekend 2017 led by Mo, was a blast! Despite iffy weather, we got in five fabulous skates. Thanks to Anthony, David, Jim, Jesse, Mo and Steve for leading and sweeping our skates. Also thanks to Anthony for designing the 2017 WAR T-shirt, Trish for ordering the shirts and making the hotel arrangements, Drew for manning the sag wagon, David for frequent updates to the event website, and to Teaism and &pizza for our group dinners.

WAR's FREE annual three of days social street skating & partying!  

Tour the neighborhoods of the Nation's Capital with skaters from all around the country. For an entire weekend, talented skate leaders share the city's gems without formalities like police escort or sag wagons. Many unique routes will bring miles of city streets, vistas, bridges, and hills. In between skates, hang out with your skater friends over a meal and possibly a pint.

It's a social-street-skating weekend, not a race.   Helmets required.   Sponsored by the National Capitol Chapter, National Skate Patrol.


On Facebookthen invite your friends to join
Or just show up and skate!